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Yeah, I’ve been on hiatus, blah blah, working on catching up on some stuff.  I’ll have liveblogs coming, but they’ll probably be in spurts and I’ll probably finish a series/movie/game/etc before I post from now on.

Reservoir Dogs


All right!  Today we’re watching Reservoir Dawgs!  Apparently this movie was made way back in 1992!  I had no clue it was that old.  Guess it probably counts as a classic or something.

So what do I know about Reservoir Dogs?  Well, I know it’s a Quentin Tarantino film that’s about a heist (but it doesn’t show the actual heist), there’s something in a briefcase that glows [Note: Nope, that’s Pulp Fiction, apparently.  From what I’ve heard, the contents of the briefcase were canonically the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs, which is where the mix-up came in], and the people have colors for codenames.  Also there’s a traitor.  That’s the extent of my knowledge about the movie.  So with no further ado, let’s get started!  See you after the break!

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Whoops.  Looks like I put this on the wrong blog -_-

Welcoming Katawa Shoujo Asks

Hey, everyone.  I just finished the final reflections on my Katawa Shoujo liveblog, and since I don’t have a queue built up for my other liveblogs, I figured that I’d procrastinate take the opportunity to open up for any questions you’d have for me about my thoughts on the game, my experiences with the game, information about the game (I’ve seen a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff so I know a bit of information that isn’t in the game), or anything in general.

Ask away!

Katawa Shoujo - Final Thoughts

Hey, everyone!  I’m here to provide my final thoughts on Katawa Shoujo, now that I’ve finished liveblogging it!

Some overall thoughts: it was wonderful.  Something I probably would have preferred not liveblogging, though, and something I would have preferred going into after the initial release hype died down.  As it was, I had to invest a lot more attention to it and actually think about my thoughts, dragging out the length it took me to get through the game—a period of time when I was caught between fan curiosity and avoiding spoilers.  It was exhausting by the end, but looking back on it, I can definitely say that I thought it was a quality product.

The writing was good even if it varied in quality some (some paths have much better pacing and/or writing), the characters were all amazing and interesting (except for Hideaki, who remains very boring), the art was beautiful, and I’m so glad they actually released the soundtrack for download.  A lot of work was put into this, and it showed. 

Also, as a note, the game is very much not what it seems when you’re given the concept.  It’s…well, this puts it much better than I could.

The game’s technically an eroge, yes, but it’s not something you play/read for the adult material.  You can turn the material off for a reason.  The whole thing is handled very realistically and tastefully.

Anyway, I’ll get into specific paths and characters a bit more after the break and talk about things that I didn’t get the chance to talk about during the liveblog itself.

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Katawa Shoujo - Liveblog Completion

Hey, everyone!  We’re back to finish up the liveblogging by going through and getting all the scenes we missed.  Most of these are Bad Ends, since I’ve already gotten the good ends on every path, with a few Neutral Ends.  We’re missing some scenes in Act 1, Rin’s Path, Hanako’s Path, and Emi’s path, so that’s what we’re going to be doing today!  There’s even more spoilers than usual this time (and for almost all the paths, too), so I’ll see you after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 4 (Emi)

Hey, everyone!  We’re back with Emi’s Act 4: Motion!  This is the last of the (main) Katawa Shoujo series!  Can’t wait to see how things turn out!  We’re not far now, folks!

Well, there’s really not much to say, so I’ll see you after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 3 (Emi)

Hey, everyone!  Welcome back to the Katawa Shoujo liveblog!  Today we’re on Act 3: Perspective, Emi’s third act!

When we last left off, Hisao and Emi had confessed to each other and shared a first kiss!  Isn’t that sweet?  Let’s see what happens after the break!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 2 (Emi)

Hey, everyone, welcome to Act 2: Form, Emi’s second act!  Do you look forward to running with a cute, tiny girl?  I know that I sure do!

So let’s go running with Emi after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 1 (Emi)

Hey, everyone!  We’ve been playing and liveblogging Katawa Shoujo, and since we’ve finished Rin’s, Shizune’s, Hanako’s, and Lilly’s paths, I guess that means we only have one more path!  That’s right, folks, we’ve saved Emi’s path for last!  Is it the best of the paths?  I don’t know.  But I sure do like Emi!

We’re heading into the home stretch now!  This is probably going to be a fairly boring Act 1.  Maybe not as boring as Lilly’s, but still, almost all the scenes have been covered already.

Anyway, let’s find out what’s with this twintailed legless girl after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 4 (Lilly)

Hey, everyone!  We’re back with the Katawa Shoujo liveblog of Lilly’s path!  Now, since Act 2 was called “Past” and Act 3 was called “Present,” I’m guessing Act 4 is called “Winter.”

Oh, wait, no, it’s called Future.  Of course.

Anyway, let’s see where Lilly’s path goes after the break!  Since it’s Act 4, there will, naturally, be spoilers!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 3 (Lilly)

Hey, everyone, welcome back to the Katawa Shoujo liveblog!  We’re heading into Act 3: Present, the third part of Lilly’s path!

When we last left off, Lilly had taken off for a few weeks for family matters.  What’s going to happen now?  I certainly don’t know, as it wouldn’t be a liveblog if I did! 

But let’s find out together after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 2 (Lilly)

Hey, everyone!  Time for Act 2: Past!  Remember that Unfamiliar Territory™ thing?  Well, it’s happening again!

I’m kind of excited for this, since I’ve heard good things about Lilly’s path, but I guess I just can’t get particularly excited since I guess I just don’t like Lilly that much.  I mean, I like her, I’m just curious as to how they’re going to make her a more engaging character.  From what I’ve seen of her so far, she’s nice, but kind of dull.

Anyway, see you after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 1 (Lilly)

Well, everyone, we’re back in Act 1, and we’re going to be doing Lilly’s path this time!

In all honesty, I’m starting to just want to be over with this.  Look at everything else I’ve liveblogged so far.  I’ve gotten to maybe five episodes in them.  Here, though, I’ve been trucking my way through the whole game, and I’m going to end up with 20-25 liveblog posts in total, and I’m writing all of them up in a row.  Why?  Because I want to play through the game myself before I hit spoilers.

On the other hand, I’ll admit that I am, in fact, pretty excited for Lilly and Emi’s paths, since I’ve heard good things about them.

Doesn’t mean that it’ll make this liveblog interesting, considering I’ve covered most of Act 1 already.

Well, with no further ado, let’s continue to the liveblog after the cut!

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 4 (Hanako)

Everyone ready for Act 4: Scars?  I am!  I just can’t wait to see how the Katawa Shoujo developers piss on my soul!  I know it’s coming!  I just know it’s coming, and I’m bracing, and I’m telling myself that I’m totally going to dodge it, but at the end of the day, I just know that my soul’s going to be covered in piss.

Anyway.  I’m kind of surprised that there was no H-scene in Act 3.  That kind of breaks the trend so far.  Maybe it’s an emphasis on Hanako’s hesitancy and fear of others?

Anyway, spoilers after the cut.

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Katawa Shoujo - Act 3 (Hanako)

Well, Act 2 was pretty short, so now we’re moving straight on to Hanako’s Act 3: Castling.

Not really much to say to introduce this, so as always, spoilers after the cut.

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